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When Benjamin Gibbon discovers robots appearing in the beautiful valley where he lives, he could never imagine the adventure about to unfold. The robots work tirelessly together, crushing and lifting and bashing and welding - gradually replacing the grass, trees and rocks with some kind of gigantic machine. But for what purpose? Then an odd little robot by the name of Whimsy arrives. And while he doesn't appear as useful or important as the other robots, Benjamin quickly recognises the misshapen robot as a wonderful friend.

Robot Whimsy is an interactive storytelling app. A classic picture book experience for you to enjoy with your child, enriched with unique, interactive, multimedia elements. Read it just like a traditional picture book, or have it read itself to your child. Every page comes alive with beautiful animation and interactive elements.

For ages 6 - 11, Robot Whimsy is an original, heartwarming story about friendship, accepting each other's differences, and just being you.

Available now on iOS, android and fireOS