about us

Building on over 20 years of experience in the computer graphics industry, neblagon was formed with the simple (if somewhat lofty) goal of creating beautiful interactive media.

As an independent UK based studio, we aim to make high quality products, which will delight and entertain inquisitive minds of all ages.

A portmanteau of "nebula" and "polygon" the name neblagon embodies several important aspects of what we are about. The more free-form, creative side of what we do is represented by the nebula. And the polygon reflects the ordered and logical nature of the technology underpinning our products. But more importantly, both nebula and polygons, each in their own way, fill us with a sense of childlike awe. Which is something that we strive to bring, in some small way, to our products.

Making of Robot Whimsy

While we love the idea of using Harryhausen style-stop motion for our products, we don't have the time, space or budget to work that way.

In reality, the only way to realise our vision is to make use of the very best in open source software. Products like Robot Whimsy are only made possible by the hard work of the Blender community